Alcoholism essays

Alcoholism Essay Essay on Alcoholism The term alcoholism has been used over the years as a vague, poorly understood, and sometimes morally flavored term. Alcoholism is described as a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations Silverstein,

Alcoholism essays

View Full Essay Words: In a study that was conducted by Brigham Young University, it was found that when the youth feel their parents are directly accountable for them and that they receive warmth from their parents, they become Alcoholism essays prone to drinking.

For parents who are permissive or indulgent in the lives of their children, they triple the risk of their children being binge drinkers are a result of their low accountability but high warmth.

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Parents who teach their children in the religious ways also greatly reduce the outcome of the children as alcoholics since they are high on accountability and warmth Jacob…… [Read More] However, an important thing to note is that the parents and their parenting style do not influence whether the children try alcohol.

What they influence is the outcome of the children as binge drinkers or alcoholics. Authoritative parents monitor their kids closely and they give a lot of support and warmth to their children. They are essentially very hands-on parents and loving which creates an environment that is conducive for the children to make the right decision and to be able to avoid alcoholism at all costs.

For the authoritarian parents, they are strict but not necessarily warm. This makes the children have a sense of rebellion against the parents which may lead them to fall to peer pressure and become binge drinkers.

For the indulgent parenting style, the parent is loving but is unlikely to punish the child for any wrong doing. This makes the child feel that even though they may do something wrong, there is no repercussion and thus may lead them to become binge drinkers.

The academy of pediatrics as well as other children's health organizations have found that children who have authoritative parents become independent, successful in social circles and have respect for authority which is part of what leads them astray from binge drinking.

The academy has also emphasized on the importance of early drug.Many people can stop drinking after one or two beers or glasses of wine, vodka, whiskey, or other alcoholic beverages. Some people, however, can't stop, and are at great risk of alcoholism.

Alcoholism affects both your body and your life/5(9). Writing your alcoholism essay. November 22, | GradeMiners Alcoholism has been an issue or rather a habit that has taken away the normal lives of many and it is a sad situation indeed to see so many not willing to grow out from it, even with all its difficulty.

Alcoholism essays need to have sections like small paragraphs and. Alcoholism Can Affect A Person Financially, Physically, And Psychologically Sometimes it is easily forgotten that Alcohol is an addictive substance.

The odd glass of wine with a meal, a beer after work is socially acceptable.

Alcoholism essays

Start your alcohol essay with the fact that alcohol use disorder is a common term used to refer to alcoholism or in simpler terms addiction to alcohol.

It is the most chronic form of alcohol abuse and entails the inability to control drinking habits hence leading to a degree of usage that interferes with either the physical or mental health and in some cases with normal social or work behavior.

immediate results of alcohol and probably the reason most people get One of the risks of alcohol abuse is health problems. The leading cause of death in America is cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis is a result of liver disease from chronic alcohol abuse.

Alcohol also causes damage to the brain, heart, kidneys, and digestive system.

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Alcoholism - Pros and Cons The following essay will introduce you to pros and cons of drinking. It will also give you a clear understanding in why you shouldn’t drink alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant; it impairs your ability to drive, slows down your reaction time and causes you to make some risky decisions that you wouldn’t normally take.

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