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Ali shoeb thesis

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Intelligent biomedical devices implies systems that are able to detect specific physiological processes in patients so that particular responses can be generated. This closed-loop capability can have enormous clinical value when we consider the unprecedented modalities that are beginning to emerge for sensing and stimulating patient physiology.

Both delivering therapy e. The key to such devices is algorithms that are based on data-driven signal modeling as well as hardware structures that are specialized to these.

This paper discusses the primary application-domain challenges that must be overcome and analyzes the most promising methods for this that are emerging. We then look at how these methods are being incorporated in ultra-low-energy computational platforms and systems.

The case study for this is Ali shoeb thesis seizure-detection SoC that includes instrumentation and computation blocks in support of a system Ali shoeb thesis exploits patient-specific modeling to achieve accurate performance for chronic detection. Introduction Sensors and stimulators are emerging that are allowing biomedical devices to advance to new frontiers.

Much of this has been initiated by innovations in biologically compliant materials and technologies, but its relevance has become apparent thanks to clinical work that has led to the conception of new systems that are beginning to take advantage of the unprecedented modalities that these technologies offer for delivering therapy and for sensing physiology.

Ali shoeb thesis

Deep-brain stimulation DBSfor instance, involves the implantation of a stimulation electrode in targeted locations of brain as well as the use of a simple control device similar to a pacemaker that actuates stimulation. Devices employing DBS have shown astounding efficacy in some patient towards the treatment of a range of neurological conditions from Parkinson's disease to dystonia [ 1 ].

Vagus nerve stimulation VNSis an alternate approach that has been used to treat epilepsy patients; it avoids the need for brain surgery by using an implanted stimulator in the neck that is actuated either using a similar control device or through manual control by the patient [ 2 ].

Similarly, sensors are emerging that are capable of recording extremely rich physiological signals over long time periods as a part of chronic disease management i. Flexible materials, such as silk [ 3 ] and silicone polydimethylsiloxane PDMS [ 4 ], that are also histologically promising, provide a substrate both for electrodes and active electronics; this, for instance, forms the basis for high-resolution, multi-channel recording systems for bio-potentials that manifest on curvilinear biological surfaces such as the cortex of the brain or the surface of cardiac tissue [ 35 ].

In order to take advantage of such technologies in intelligent, closed-loop systems, however, we require the ability to detect specific physiological processes with a high level of accuracy. Identifying specific, clinically-relevant indicators in bio-potential signals that are available in implantable and wearable systems currently poses a dominating limitation.

As we describe in this paper, the signals themselves are physiologically complex, and the correlations are both diverse and subject to noise.

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These power levels are derived from the energy delivery options that are viable from application to application ranging from primary and chargeable storage sources e. Understanding the algorithmic approaches is also important when we consider how limited current clinical decision-support systems are in terms of accuracy.

Current bedside hospital monitors, for instance, employ models that are insufficient for detecting acute events with high specificity [ 7 ]. Alarm fatigue is thus one of the most prominent problems in intensive care units [ 8 ].

Nonetheless, automatic patient monitoring remains an important aspect for managing the scale of healthcare delivery, even in the hospital setting. Beyond this, chronic out-patient monitoring following hospital discharge is also emerging as an important mode of healthcare [ 9 ].

Technology in the classroom thesis statement - Big Discount! Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: Epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system that predisposes individuals to experiencing recurrent seizures.
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Article Versions Get PDF 6 MB Abstract Approximately one percent of the world's population exhibits symptoms of epilepsy, a serious disorder of the central nervous system that predisposes those affected to experiencing recurrent seizures.

In the face of limited clinical resources, it further stresses the importance for accuracy in order to manage the resulting increase in scale i.

It also places greater emphasis on the need for low-energy platforms due to the mobility required in the monitoring devices. A powerful development in the domain of clinical decision support has been the emergence of data-driven modeling techniques.

These refer to methods of modeling physiological signals based on observing and analyzing data. This is in contrast to attempts at modeling the underlying processes, which are exceedingly complex, and therefore tend to yield low-order models.

In the remainder of this paper, we describe why data-driven techniques are a promising means to achieve the accuracy required in practical chronic biomedical devices.

We then describe the computational approaches that can be used to take advantage of these. Finally, we consider a practical device that attempts to exploit data-driven modeling.

An SoC for chronic seizure detection is described, illustrating the design considerations and methodologies involved. The SoC employs an architecture that performs local acquisition of patient electroencephalographs EEGsanalog-to-digital conversion, and signal feature extraction.

Local feature extraction results in a compressed signal representation for data-driven classification, making wireless transmission from the scalp viable.dissertation definition Ali Shoeb Phd Thesis application essay writing prompts online classes advantages disadvantages essay.

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Ali shoeb thesis

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