An analysis of the theory that we all live in the 4th dimension

Most of us are accustomed to watching 2-D; even though characters on the screen appear to have depth and texture, the image is actually flat. But when we put on those 3-D glasses, we see a world that has shape, a world that we could walk in.

An analysis of the theory that we all live in the 4th dimension

An analysis of the theory that we all live in the 4th dimension

All reference frames moving at constant velocities behave the same, as if they are at rest. All laws of physics are the same in any of these frames. The Special and General Theory", Einstein leaves us with this: Without getting into any discussion about the four dimensions, we will attempt to explain the new dimension entitled the fifth dimension by addressing the following questions: What is the fifth dimension?

What is the influence of the fifth dimension on physics? Why do we need the fifth dimension? Are there other dimensions and do we need more than five? How can we prove the existence of the fifth dimension?

As we know in Galilean and Newtonian theory, there are three dimensions: To understand this assumption of the theory, we need to introduce a more inclusive definition of velocity.

There are two ways of looking at velocity: Dependent velocity is a relation between distance and time current classical definition.

For example, the speed of sound and the speed of light and others as speed of Limit, and speed of Noor are constants. El Naschie see [3] indicated that it is not strange for velocity to be dimension because velocity means distance divide by time and both are dimensions and by this way we can get solution more simple in many ways.

In time we said that we travelled by speed of light third part of second, it mean that we movedkm, and the other way give the same results, when we said we travelkm in speed of light it mean time was third part of second.

Thus, the definition of velocity as the fifth dimension was necessary as discussed of above.

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All these speeds are beyond what we as humans can see. With this new understanding of velocity, we can begin to more precisely unravel the construction of the universe in a more complete and comprehensive way. We must look at velocity as a new value that changes the phenomena of physics and as one of professor M El-Sabbagh said we need the fifth dimension because in his point of view, it can explain many problems in his filed much better.

When velocity is seen as independent variable it creates its own new dimension the fifth ; just as relative time creates its own dimension the fourth. That is why velocity is the fifth dimension, because if someone moves faster than the speed of light, we can be sure that what he can see or describe will be different than what we can see or describe in four dimensions.The Fourth Dimension, a experimental film by Zbigniew Rybczyński; The 4th Dimension, 4th Dimension, a jazz fusion quartet founded in by John McLaughlin (musician) "4th Dimension", a song by Kids See Ghosts on their album Kids See Ghosts; Computing Edit.

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Aug 09,  · 4th Dimension - Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy - Carl Sagan AstronomyCorner. What Will Happen If We All Unravel The Main Secret Of . But when we put on those 3-D glasses, we see a world that has shape, a world that we could walk in.

We can imagine existing in such a world because we live in . Mar 06,  · In the sixth, we would see a plane of possible worlds, where we could compare and position all the possible universes that start with the same initial conditions as this one (i.e. the Big Bang). As we are familiar with time, we can easily understand the 4th dimension: as Einstein's relativity theory supposed, the 4th dimension is time itself, a continuum of all the static states of reality, past, present and future, the "here and now" in a 4-D coordinate system.

Aug 23,  · Theory for the 4th dimension.? Some believe the three we live in wrap around into themselves at the cosmic level (The Universe). Time is treated as a fourth dimension, but that is, I believe, just the way we treat it.

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Theory on 4th dimension. Do I understand this right? More questions. In Einsteins theory, there is a 4th Status: Resolved.

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