Assignment 1 financial planning

Monitors and Controls Executive Summary As noted in Lehmann and Winer, senior management will have scores of plans to review. How well yours fares depends upon whether or not you can engage their interests in less than a page. If the financials look good, the strategy is sound, and the fit with other businesses is strong, you have a winner.

Assignment 1 financial planning

Finance is a basic requirement for any business among the other resources. Also finance plays a crucial role while making decisions for expansion. Source of long-term finance refers to the agencies or institutions from or through which finance for a longer time period can be raised.

Assignment 1 financial planning

In case of a sole proprietary firm and partnership concerns, long-term funds are provided by the owners themselves or through the retained profits of the business.

But, it is not the case with a quoted firm. In case of companies having financial requirement significantly large, financing can be raised with different long term sources Assignment help.

Free Quote The assignee becomes the beneficiary but you must continue to pay any applicable premiums.
Chapter 1 Assignment The best financial plan written by you is only as good as the commitment of those clients for whom it has been written.

Aim of this work is to comprehend different sources of long term finance for a listed firm on any stock exchange, which is planning for overseas expansion of the business. In the first section of the present report, a general approach to the different long term sources of finance will be presented.

Further, four major external sources of finance, so that an effective long-term capital structure can be built for any company to expand its business into foreign market. A quoted company is a firm having its stock available for trading on exchange or a Company whose stocks is actively traded on any recognized stock exchange national, regional or international.

Long term financing for any quoted company comes majorly from the common equity shares or preference share and loan capital. In the present report we will discuss long term sources of finance for overseas expansion project available externally with a hypothetical automobile manufacturing firm.

Its capital structure currently is not a geared one i. Further, part of the long term financing comes from the retained earnings.

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Our concern here is only for the external long term financing. Financial resources refers to the venues through which a business or company get its finance. For example, financial resources can be Bank loan, Mortgage loans, Debenture issues, Bond issues, equity finance, etc.

Financial resources are among the key requisites of any business. Generally, financing can be segregated in three heads on the basis of time frame or requirement, namely short term, long term and middle term financing.

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Short term finance sources are better known as quick solution for temporary financial problems Bendrey and West, For a general company, short term sources of finance can be in the form of bank over draft, bill discounting, trade credits etc.

The middle term financing can be raised through lease, hire purchase, factoring etc. Long term finance sources refer means the finance coming through much reliable and authentic source such as the shareholders, creditors, banks, government etc. Here, the discussion will be restricted for the external long term sources of finance for a listed firm Type of financing, n.

Sources of Long-Term Finance:Application Assignment 3: Financial Planning MATH , Fall Overview Financia Inc. would like to contract your services due to internal scheduling conflicts.

They have consulted you to compile a financial plan for their client, Mr. Swampton. The client has provided you with the necessary information to conduct the analysis. I adapted with workbook to cover the assessment criteria for this level 2 BTEC unit (Unit 13 - Financial planning and forecasting).

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