Completing dissertations in the behavioral sciences and education

Students who are accepted into this program are expected to fully participate in the undergraduate life of the University during their first three years in the program. Regardless of the chosen major field, students in this program also must complete the School of Medicine requirement of 8 credits, including 2 credits in a lab, in each of the following areas: Students who have received AP credit for the general chemistry sequence are required to take organic chemistry at GW Organic Chemistry: Students who have received AP credit for a general biology sequence are required to take two upper-level courses in biology, one of which must have a laboratory component.

Completing dissertations in the behavioral sciences and education

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Graduate School Dissertation Guide page 2. This course will help you develop and research possible dissertation topics. There are numerous sources for ideas including: Faculty interests listed on the departmental website, topics and issues that emerge from coursework, perusal of journal articles and dissertation abstracts, discussions with faculty members, previous and current professional experiences.

In addition to being researchable, the topic should be important to the field. The chair or co-chair must be a member of the Counseling Psychology Core. Choose a dissertation committee Discuss potential committee members with your chair 4 from within Department; 1 from outside Department.

Potential members should be provided a brief prospectus on your project so they can make an informed decision about membership. Complete the Committee Selection Form and turn it into your program director. Each committee is to include at least two of the core faculty members in their program in its membership.

School Psychology Program only: Should the student request that the Department Chair serve as the dissertation chair, the Director of the School Psychology Program will be responsible for approving the remaining committee membership.

Completing dissertations in the behavioral sciences and education

Finish writing your proposal Students have the option of formatting their dissertation using the traditional or alternative format. You will work with your chair to decide which format you will use. For further information, see the UCA Dissertation Guide for an explanation of the two forms and see the attached Traditional vs Alternative Dissertation document.

A dismantling study of the partners for change outcome management system. Obtain approval from your Dissertation Chair and possibly other committee members to schedule a dissertation proposal meeting. Proposal Defense Meeting 1.

Make Preparations for the Proposal Meeting Work with committee members to set a proposal date and time. Preferred time frames for proposal meetings include fall and spring semester, at least a month prior to the end of the semester.

Work with the department administrative assistant to secure a room for the meeting. Provide all committee members with a copy of the proposal.

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The proposal should be given to committee members at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled proposal meeting. Committees should provide feedback within one week. You then have one week to address any concerns or questions prior to the meeting.

Consider inviting other graduate students to the meeting in order to assist you in taking notes and to allow the non-proposing students an opportunity to observe and learn more about the proposal meeting process.

Hold Proposal Meeting For Counseling Psychology students — proposal must be approved prior to applying for internship. For School Psychology students — proposal must be approved prior to going on internship.

The proposal meeting consists of the student delivering a presentation of their dissertation and then answering questions from committee members defend the proposal.Thomas J. Long is the author of Completing Dissertations in the Behavioral Sciences and Education ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ) 4/5(1).

PhD External Funding Students have access to a myriad of external funding opportunities to help support their graduate education and research at Georgetown.

Completing dissertations in the behavioral sciences and education

Below is a list of some of the funding sources available. Completing dissertations in the behavioral sciences and education / Bibliographic Details; Main Author: Long, Thomas J., Education > Research > Methodology.

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Long, John J. Convey, Adele R. Chwalek. LB L65 Writing a successful thesis or dissertation: tips and strategies for students in the social and behavioral sciences / Fred C.

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