Creative retention strategies that are used

Creative recruitment and retention strategies Hospitals and health-care providers across Canada face numerous challenges as we beginbut we also foresee many opportunities. Our challenges include increasing demands on the health system, patients and clients with more complex needs — particularly among our aging population, and fewer resources with which to meet those needs. Although much of the public discussion on hospital operations in Ontario last year centered on budgets; recruiting and retaining health professionals and support staff can be just as challenging as balancing the books. It is our opportunity to address the recruitment challenge with progressive and creative action, so we continue to attract the best and most innovative physicians and staff to our team.

Creative retention strategies that are used

Schemes[ edit ] First in, first out[ edit ] A first in, first out FIFO backup scheme saves new or modified files onto the "oldest" media in the set, i. Performing a daily backup onto a set of 14 media, the backup depth would be 14 days.

Creative Employee-Retention Strategies

Each day, the oldest media would be inserted when performing the backup. This is the simplest rotation scheme and is usually the first to come to mind. This scheme has the advantage that it retains the longest possible tail of daily backups.

It can be used when archived data is unimportant or is retained separately from the short-term backup data and data before the rotation period is irrelevant.

However, this scheme suffers from the possibility of data loss: Thus when the error is detected, all the backup files contain the error. It would then be useful to have at least one older version of the data, as it would not have the error.

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Grandfather-father-son[ edit ] Grandfather-father-son backup is a common rotation scheme for backup media, in which there are three or more backup cycles, such as daily, weekly and monthly.

The daily backups are rotated on a daily basis using a FIFO system as above.


The weekly backups are similarly rotated on a weekly basis, and the monthly backup on a monthly basis. Often some of these backups are removed from the site for safekeeping and disaster recovery purposes.

Creative retention strategies that are used

Tower of Hanoi[ edit ] The Tower of Hanoi rotation method is more complex. It is based on the mathematics of the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, using a recursive method to optimize the back-up cycle.

Every tape corresponds to a disk in the puzzle, and every disk movement to a different peg corresponds with a backup to that tape. So the first tape is used every other day 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, So, 3 tapes will give 4 days' worth of backups, and on the 4th day Set C will be overwritten; 4 tapes will give 8 days, and Set D is overwritten on the 9th day; 5 tapes will give 16 days, etc.

Files can be restored from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, A disadvantage of the method is that half the backups are overwritten after only two days. Three-tape Hanoi schedule[ edit ].Creative recruitment and retention strategies Hospitals and health-care providers across Canada face numerous challenges as we begin , but we also foresee many opportunities.

How to Retain Customers: 46 Strategies to Grow Retention – For any business that provides a product or service to customers, the act of finding, targeting and obtaining new customers is always going to be among its top priorities. But what many businesses tend to forget is that once a customer makes.

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Einstein explained that psychologically the A rests upon the E. There exists, however, no logical path from E to A, but only an intuitive connection, which is always subject to revocation. Trust me, retaining your customers is a key aspect of your business.

Without a doubt, converting leads to customers is a hard process – but your efforts can pay off if you focus on the ultimate goal – retention.

Creative retention strategies that are used

Creative Retention Strategies: Thinking Outside the Box to Keep the Cream of the Crop. Sep 27, Is it Time to Tune-Up Your Retention Strategy? Retention reward programs aren't exactly a new idea, but designing a reward program around prizes your employees pick is an innovative twist on this long-used technique.

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