Current events economics

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Current events economics

Current events economics

More than an academic department: Welcome The goal of the Department of Economics is to build a learning community that supports the intellectual development and professional aspirations of both students and faculty. Our undergraduate and graduate programs offer courses that cover an unusually wide range of economic thought, including neo-classical economics, Keynesian economics, institutional economics, Marxian economics and feminist economics.

We want our students to become critical thinkers who understand the debates about economic methodology and policy as well as the techniques of economic analysis. Our faculty members have active research agendas and substantial scholarly records; nonetheless, our students are our first priority.

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We constantly strive to improve our teaching programs, and our faculty have won many teaching and advising awards. Our PhD program provides many opportunities for students to interact with faculty and to work with them on research projects.

We have had an excellent track record in job placements for our graduate students. The department chair is always glad to meet prospective and current students, and to answer their questions — stop by any time!Latest news and insight about the impact of current events on our economy from MarketWatch.

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The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them. New classical macroeconomics, sometimes simply called new classical economics, is a school of thought in macroeconomics that builds its analysis entirely on a neoclassical framework.

Specifically, it emphasizes the importance of rigorous foundations based on microeconomics, especially rational expectations.. New classical macroeconomics strives to provide neoclassical microeconomic .

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The latest Economy News from the BBC: breaking news on the global and UK economy and international investments including audio and video coverage. Why the Housing Market Is Slumping Despite a Booming Economy Home prices are out of reach relative to incomes and mortgage rates.

Current events economics

The big question for the economy is how the imbalance adjusts. Page One Economics and Page One Economics Focus on Finance essays provide short overviews of a current economic event or financial topic, plus resources and lesson ideas for teachers.

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