Discovering the american past

Olivine sands provide a unique photo opportunity, but tricky currents and rough seas make the area unsafe for swimming.

Discovering the american past

See how designers have used color and pattern, shape and volume, draping, metallics, and embellishments to continually reinvent the art form.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - On View : Current Exhibitions

Many are on view for the first time. Biting Wit and Brazen Folly: British Satirical Prints, s—s Now Through December 5, This exhibition reveals the widespread appeal of caricature in Georgian England and demonstrates the ways in which such images teased and provoked audiences.

Highlights Sunday, April 8,pm Curated by Jo Lauria, AMOCA Adjunct Curator It is not often that a curator discovers an artist whose work hovered below the horizon and remained invisible to art history for more than fifty years.

And Europe Will Be Stunned Now Through January 1, Blurring fact and fiction, artist Yael Bartana reimagines historical narratives to spur a dialogue about urgent social and geopolitical issues of our time.

This immersive exhibition presents her provocative film trilogy And Europe Will Be Stunned, which chronicles the radical vision of the fictional Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland.

Discovering a “Titan” in an Early Tour

Between Nature and Abstraction: See how he and contemporaries Edward Hopper, Willem de Kooning, and others followed their own stars and pursued idiosyncratic paths to modernism. The ultimate toy for privileged girls in the s and s, she and her friends were seen as models of ladylike perfection.

These dolls came with an amazing array of dresses, undergarments, and meticulously crafted accessories, from gloves and jewelry to roller skates and calling cards.

Bring the kids—or just your love of all things miniature—and marvel at these tiny Victorian treasures.

Driving and Discovering Hawaii's Islands of Love: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and The Big Island

His quietly innovative versions of household products, stripped of any extraneous features, continue to influence industrial design today. Arte Povera reacted against the dominance of Minimalism and Pop Art and engaged in a type of guerrilla art-making emphasizing process and the use of humble, inexpensive materials.

This installation pays tribute to that groundbreaking event and features a number of works originally exhibited in Amalfi. He also belonged to a close-knit clan of artistic innovators, each of whom made distinctive contributions to modern art.

Discovering the american past

This exhibition highlights the Duchamps and the many connections linking their groundbreaking works.In the following months, Pete and two others descended deep into the snakelike passageways of the base discovering bits of the past along the way.

Driving and Discovering Hawaii, companion website to the award winning Hawaii guidebook series. VJ Day photos of celebrations in color.

Download our famous free Oahu Movie Locations Drive Map, where island filming sites are revealed for LOST, Pearl Harbor and Elvis movies. Expert craftsmen battle to build the weapon that won the Revolution - the American Flintlock Long Rifle.

Discovering the american past

Tested by legendary Special Operations sniper, and judged by a panel of experts, only one walks away with $10, and the title, Master of Arms. The team is trapped in an ancient, underground tunnel putting the search at risk. Using just the gear they have on site, the crew rigs a remote-controlled camera that finds the expedition's most significant treasure.


In Discovering History in China: American Historical Writing on the Recent Chinese Past, Paul A. Cohen contributes insight in to the field of Chinese historiography by investigating what American historians of the post-WWII era have written about China.

Discovering a “Titan” in an Early Tour

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