Life is like a game of chess essay

I play chess in my free time because it is my hobby and passion. There are a number of hobbies to choose from but I find chess the best and most fascinating. For me there cannot be a better pursuit than playing chess in my spare time.

Life is like a game of chess essay

A king from the Isle of Lewis chessmen c12th C. British Museum Most historians agree that the game of chess was first played in northern India during the Gupta Empire in the 6th century AD. The Gupta chess pieces were divided like their military into the infantrycavalryelephantsand chariots.

In time, these pieces became the pawn, knight, bishop, and rook. The game was known as chatrang or shatranj. When Persia was taken over by Muslims — the game was spread to all parts of the Muslim world. Muslim traders carried the game to Russia and to Western Europe.

By the year it had spread all over Europe. In the 13th century a Spanish manuscript called Libro de los Juegos describes the games of shatranj chessbackgammonand dice.

The rules of the older game were changed in the West so that some of the pieces queen, bishop had more scope, development of the pieces was faster, and the game more exciting.

The new game formed the basis of modern international chess. Historians of chess consider this as the most important change since the game was invented. FIDE also give rules and guidelines for chess tournaments. The colors of the squares are laid out in a checker chequer pattern in light and dark squares.

To make speaking and writing about chess easy, each square has a name. Each rank has a number from 1 to 8, and each file a letter from a to h. This means that every square on the board has its own label, such as g1 or f5.

The pieces are in white and black sets. The players are called White and Black, and at the start of a game each player has 16 pieces.

The 16 pieces are one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. Each piece has its own way of moving around the board.

The X marks the squares where the piece can move. The knight is the only piece that can jump over another piece. No piece may move to a square occupied by a piece of the same color. All pieces capture the same way they move, except pawns. Moves of the king.Short Essay on my favorite game – Chess.


I play chess in my free time because it is my hobby and passion. There are a number of hobbies to choose from but I find chess the best and most fascinating. Life As a Game of Chess. You might have seen in my earlier essays that I like to see life as though it was a game.

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Now I want to compare life as if it would be a game of chess. In the game of chess there are 32 pieces; 16 Pawns. 2 Queens, 4 Bishops, 4 Knights, 4 Castles [sometimes called Rooks] and let’s not forget the 2 Kings (the pieces being protected).

The key to the game is simple; capture the opponent’s king. Life is like a game of chess essay September 20, by Leave a Comment Tasty Rule for writing out numbers in essays food grown on custom school creative writing advice the grounds A how to be successul funny website filled with funny videos.

about six years before Fidel Castro led a revolution in Cuba In July Chess is a board game for two players.

Life is like a game of chess essay

It is played in a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king.

[2]. Jul 11,  · Elke Rehder understands the game of chess as a reflection of social life in the historical past just like in the present: hierarchical systems and class societies become visible - competitive situations as for example in the working sphere (searching problem solutions, goal-oriented working, switching disturbing factors, enforcing of own ideas.

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