Our obsession with perfection represented in the show battlestar galactica

Edit Many Number Eight copies have been seen in various Cylon-occupied areas and in leadership positions; two are featured as central characters. Another Eight is shown as a Cylon leader when both main character Eights are elsewhere. For example, she has been implanted with false memories of being raised on Troy by her parents Katherine and Abraham Valerii, who supposedly died in an accident that killed all the members on the mining colony. Whether or not Katherine and Abraham actually existed is unknown.

Our obsession with perfection represented in the show battlestar galactica

Posted on November 28, by Mark Oshiro In part one of the series finale, flashbacks give us an idea how so many of these characters got to where they are, and Adama and Starbuck make a last-minute decision to send the Galactica off with a fight.

Battlestar Galatica (A New Path) - Book 1: Better Angels

Any outside information from official sources is also totally welcome, as well as at least 40, GIFs of Adama and Roslin. The show has used flashbacks before, but there was something different about what we see here. We see Adama reluctantly pursuing some sort of job post-military life; Baltar, the millionaire science genius, parades about in a limo with Caprica Six; Laura Roslin is celebrating a baby shower with her sisters; Starbuck is preparing dinner for her boyfriend as Lee Adama arrives, meeting her for the first time.

All these small glimpses seemed, at first, to suggest that at one time, the lives of these people were so drastically different, so much simpler than they are now. It seemed like a fairly simple explanation, that is, until we see a phone call distract Baltar from the attention of Caprica Six.

Now we know him. Now we know why he changed his accent, why he was so hellbent on pleasing himself and doing what benefitted him best, and why he was so alone.

Those drops of water seen in the opening montage are then given their full context: In a moment of extreme grief, Roslin wades into a fountain outside her apartment, other people watching on, and allows the water to wash over her.

Was Roslin washing herself clean of what had just happened? But then we cut to a new drip of water, this time from the IV drip in the sickback, where Laura Roslin is dying. And while the great leader is dying, so is the Galactica, and Lee has taken charge of stripping her of her parts to the rest of the fleet.

The images and scenes on Galactica are further signs that we have reached the final chapter, and Head Six even confirms as much to Baltar himself. Head Six helps push Baltar towards leaving his followers, towards redeeming himself, and towards giving for once, without thinking of how the situation will benefit him.

We learn that he has been thrown in the brig for freeing Boomer, and that his detachment from humanity has come full circle for him.

Ironically so, he now believes that there really is no hope for the Cylons, that they are untrustworthy, especially the Eights, and he tells Helo that there is nothing he should trust even in Athena.

Why should he support any of this? In my view, Tyrol represents an extreme dose of nihilism, one I admit that I expected to consume this show. I suppose that given what Battlestar Galactica had done in the past, nihilism was the only thing left for a group of people that had nowhere to go.

It was hard for me to have hope at this point. The Galactica was falling apart, and its crew was spreading out amongst the fleet. The Galactica was nearly dead, the plan is basically impossible, and it all hinged on a newly-formed hybrid who might fail them all.

But for Adama, it represented hope, and I was reminded of him clinging to hope in the miniseries, lying about Earth to give the survivors of the genocide of humans something to believe in. And so he goes to Starbuck and Anders with an idea.

I think the first sign that I should have a box of tissues ready was when Adama told Starbuck that he did know what she was:Battlestar Galactica - Android Sisters Musical Moment I found a couple of classic Battlestar Galactica trading cards in a shoe box in my Mom's closet this week.

This would be the Star-Wars-ripoff TV show that my brother watched religiously. As stated before, on Battlestar Galactica, thematically the grass is never greener on the other side.

What this leaves our characters with is the harsh reality that they will have to solve their own problems, work out their own differences, and make their own promised land.

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The Human Pursuit of Perfection. words. 1 page. Our Obsession With Perfection Represented in the Show Battlestar Galactica.

Our obsession with perfection represented in the show battlestar galactica

2, words. 6 pages. The Imperfection and Immorality of the God in the Christian Bible. 1, words. 2 pages. Company. Contact;.

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