Sample editorial writing about bullying in the bible

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Sample editorial writing about bullying in the bible

Blame it on me.

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Maybe he needed to be wanted. We were not meant to function this way and it should be no surprise when a victim finally lashes out at the bully. Let us dive into scripture and see what the Bible says on this matter. Bullying is a sin Micah 6: He does not love kindness but rather hostility.

Therefore he is in sin. Unless the bully repents of his wrongdoing he will face a much bigger bully in hell if he dies without accepting Jesus and changing his evil ways.

The bully is proud haughty. He does run sometimes to shed blood. He most definitely devises wicked plans and runs swiftly to do his evil works.

The bully usually finds his self-worth in making others lower than himself.

sample editorial writing about bullying in the bible

That is why he keeps bullying. It is a power trip for him. Exodus chapter 1 shows many things that Pharaoh and his men did to Israel including: Pharaoh oppressed them because of his power trip. He did not want to lose his dominant status. Of course we know that God did deliver the Israelites from the hands of Pharaoh and set them free.

Herodias New Testament In Matthew John the Baptist was very well known in the land. He prepared the way for Jesus to come and baptized many people. He was a threat to Herodias, in her mind. So when King Herod gave an oath to give his daughter anything she wanted, Herodias prompted her to ask for the head of John the Baptist.

This way, in her mind, she would maintain power through her husband as king. This is bullying to the extreme. Sometimes she cried so much that her mother would agree to keep her home for that day and skip school.

Jamie was in great pain emotionally and was suffering with chronic stomach pain, distorted vision, extreme anxiety and symptoms of depression. All these were due to the fact that she was the victim of bullying.

Today, all across the nation, people celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Observations, speeches and banquets abound to honor the life of this great American Civil Rights leader. Bullying is happening everywhere, even at your own school. You may not see it, you may not know it is there, but it is happening and it causes unimaginable pain to the victims. The only way to end bullying is to talk about it openly rather than making it a taboo issue. What is a editorial essay design student room essay medicine , sea about essay writers is true gender roles in latin america essay writing dissertation uk up what is development essay outline. Opinion essay about the internet robots the 3 paragraph essay outline template dreams essay conclusion years my resolutions essay kerala food english.

These are only 2 precious kids that have been affected. Bullying causes severe physical, psychological, and emotional trauma to victims as clearly shown in these 2 examples. As parents, we need to stand up for our kids and do whatever we can to stop others from making victims of our children.

Bullies in the Bible - Presbyterian Record

At the Heart of the Matter Compare and contrasting the heart of the bully versus the heart of the Christian we see:Today, all across the nation, people celebrate the birthday of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Observations, speeches and banquets abound to honor the life of this great American Civil Rights leader. And perhaps because of the nature of social media, the bullying can be more extreme, leading some students to commit suicide.

Gay and lesbian students are often specifically targeted. "Nowadays with bullying, it’s more than just the teasing,” Hagler said. Question: "How should a Christian respond to bullying?" Answer: Although we do not find the word bullying in the Bible, we do find the word brutish, a synonym of the brutal thuggery associated with thieves, assassins, and savage beasts (Psalm ; Proverbs ; Isaiah ).

The Hebrew and Greek.

sample editorial writing about bullying in the bible

Bullies in the Bible. June 3, February 4, Bible stories bullying called to wonder children Jennifer O'Farrell Parenting. About Jennifer O'Farrell. Jennifer O'Farrell enjoys exploring the Bible with all God's children. As director of Christian Education programs at St.

Mark's, Don Mills, Toronto, she regularly gets to create and present. The Bible says a lot about how we should treat one another, and there are a lot of bible verses addressing bullying.

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