School ethos and policies essay

May 28, by Lexis Clark The world of argumentation can be fascinating, frustrating, and complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the various different approaches individuals use to persuade others to recognize and accept their side, or, at the very least, acknowledge that the argument holds a mild amount of validity. Whether it be on paper or in front of an audience of people, developing proper argumentation skills will always come in handy when you least expect it, such as in a board meeting with your employer and coworkers or simply a heated debate among friends. In the sections to follow, we will discuss the three main approaches used in argumentation, then narrow our focus to the ethos approach, and list several examples of it.

School ethos and policies essay

It also needs to be kept securely on site. Anything needing updating should be done on the school premises only. All information about pupils should be considered confidential, it should not be shared with others, unless parental consent is given, i.

Article 2 — Children have the right to protection from any form of discrimination. They should also learn to live peacefully and respect the environment and other people.

This means that the school is required to work alongside other community-based organisations and develop links and a shared sense of belonging, while valuing he contributions of different individuals and communities.

It took its route from the Victoria Climbe case in conjunction with joint requirements i. There are five basic outcomes and these are: To be run by Ofsted.

School ethos and policies essay

Any person may request information from the school, although this has to be requested in writing. Schools have a duty to provide assistance and advice to anyone requesting the information.

However, certain information has to be protected which may be confidential. Some of the articles, which have a direct link to the school provision, are: However, a school does have a policy on this. Schools should be able to manage children with a more diverse range of needs.

This means more children are integrated into mainstream schools, which has a positive effect. The Disability Discrimination Act has meant that every school built now must have provisions for pupils with disabilities — for example they should have ramps, lifts and disabled toilets.

Existing schools do not need to do this unless they have modifications to the buildings, such as extension blocks. The Act also ensures that pupils should not be excluded from any aspect of school life due to disabilities, for example school trips.

Schools are required to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act It depends on the school how this is done and it is required to: Have a school health and safety policy and alert all staff to this.

All registered teachers are required to be members of the GTC, its functions are that of a regulatory role of the teaching profession. There is a Code of Conduct that all teachers are required to adhere to. The Independent Schools Council exists to provide information on independent schools, and also to inspect and regulate them.School Ethos Essay 3 UNDERSTAND SCHOOL ETHOS, MISSION, AIMS AND VALUES EXPLAIN HOW THE ETHOS, MISSION, AIMS AND VALUES OF A SHOOL MAY BE REFLECTED IN WORKING PRACTICES.

Origin of Ethos

First I will explain what each of the School Ethos and Policies Essay is the school’s. [pic]ample Evaluate how effective this method of communicating the school ethos, mission, aims and values is.

You may wish to compare it with other methods the school uses. You may wish to compare it with how other schools communicate their ethos, mission, aims and values.

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Published: Thu, 20 Apr The recent review and subsequent report conducted by Sir Alan Steer on behaviour and learning in schools offers an intriguing insight into the success (or failure) of schools across England, in developing successful behavioural policies to improve student attainment and engagement in the classroom and whole school life in general.


Ethos Definition

First I will explain what each of the above means as follows: ETHOS This is the school’s values . Outcome 3- Understand school ethos, mission, aims and values Explain how the ethos, mission, aims and values of a school may be reflected in working practices.

Evaluate methods of communicating a school’s ethos, mission, aims and values.

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