Western vs eastern european jews essay

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Western vs eastern european jews essay

September 15, Danusha V. Goska Eastern Europeans are responding very differently to the mass migration of Muslims into Europe than are Western Europeans.

Western vs eastern european jews essay

Westerners who encourage mass, unvetted Muslim immigration insist that they are compassionate, tolerant, and ethical. They insist that Eastern Europeans and anyone else who resists immigration are bigots, xenophobes, without compassion and unethical, if not outright Neo-Nazis.

Westerners are stereotyping Eastern Europeans as bigoted thugs whose opinions must be demonized, whose choices must be overruled, whose borders must be penetrated and whose demographics must be altered through coercion. In this article I focus on three signs at the Warsaw anti-immigration rally of Saturday, September 12, Full understanding of these protest signs illuminates how many Poles and other Eastern Europeans view the current immigration.

These protest signs will help to illuminate why many people, not just Eastern Europeans, oppose this immigration for and against mass Muslim immigration. The press estimates several thousand people took part in an anti-immigration demonstration in Warsaw.

An estimated one thousand people marched in favor of immigration. In August,Slovakia announced that it would accept only Christian, not Muslim, migrants. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims … This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity," Orban wrote in a commentary for Allgemeine Zeitung.

Western elites have an easy explanation for Eastern European resistance to mass Muslim immigration. Eastern Europeans have long been depicted as primitive, thuggish Neanderthals.

The article raised the alarm against allegedly racist and intransigent Eastern Europeans, ghosts of the bad old days of the Cold War, who threaten the bright, new European order with their atavistic bigotry. The Times acknowledged that mass Muslim immigration to Europe is a problem.

Western vs. Eastern European Jews

Eastern Europeans are "wary of accepting racial and religious diversity. They resent others who may have "suffered more than" they have.

By Sunday evening it inspired 1, reader comments. One of The New York Times highlighted reader comments condemned Poland as a land of "endemic bigotry and intolerance.

Even so Katz said we should expect that some of the Syrians we admit into the US might become terrorists in the long run. If our own CIA experts oppose quotas, why pressure less prepared Eastern Europe to take risks and act against their national interests and capacity of absorption?

My thesis was that the West tends to stereotype Poles and other Eastern Europeans as racist thugs. I had to make this point while acknowledging that there are indeed some real racist thugs in Eastern Europe, as there are anywhere else.

The group hosting the several-thousand-strong, anti-immigration demonstration in Warsaw was the Oboz Narodowo Radykalny or National Radical Camp. The ONR is indeed a far-right organization.

The original ONR supported anti-Jewish boycotts. That the leader of an overtly anti-Semitic group would be murdered by Nazis for helping Jews indicates how difficult it can be for outsiders fully to understand Polish history and politics.

I am not a supporter of the ONR. I am a supporter of the expansive Poland that embraces and celebrates Jews and other minorities.

Western vs eastern european jews essay

I live in the US and I cannot assess to what extent the participants in recent demonstrations were ONR supporters or merely opponents of mass immigration who had no other outlet for their concerns.Eastern is the largest region with Jews, the Western part of Europe was the second largest region, lastly central Europe was the third largest community.

The Eastern and Western regions had many differences and but did share some similarities.

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Benjamin Artom (), Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of Great Britain Umberto Cassuto (), rabbi Abraham Isaac Castello (), rabbi.

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